Summer and poppies

Sooo… Happy Summer!

For those who are happy about, what probably is everyone except me.

I mean really, ow the heck someone can be such a winter, or mixed autumn and winter. Because this is who I am. Really. I do not feel comfy with summer. In fact even as a kid I was waiting until it ends and lets me come back to school!

I know, weird, right?

Even with all those green woods, and long grass and fruits and veggies and maybe swimming… with all those birds learning to fly, deer coming to my garden and of course poppies.

Yup… poppies.

Amazing redness disappearing from our sight.

Because I still am mourning fields of poppies in which I could play. Poppies singing when dried and shaken by winds… Poppies amazing with all those wrinkled petals, fragile, still so strong. Poppies and cornflowers.

Yeah… how hard it is to find them nowadays.

Happy Solstice Everybody!!!

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