Cunning women, folk healers, oh there is a lot of us. Different. Surprising. Diversified, mixed, differential… playing with magic. Forces of nature. Those who are always together, dancing, having bonfires, and those who prefer to work alone. Often helping those giving birth, midwifes. There is so many of us. Some see future, have “feelings”, some play with herbs, others are pure magic. Having different names in many cultures, different meanings… all through centuries were praised and punished. People were scared of those having knowledge and no penises, but also…

… needed them.


I was watching this documentary… amazingly done, and not as usual I really watched it not only listened to it, because I am looking for information about trials. For those animations, for those simple pieces, which created a masterpiece. And I never knew it was a child… I never knew it was just a girl. Or maybe it was not? 9 years in 1612 was in fact enough to be a young adult. You were not a kid anymore, you survived plagues, you can probably even breed. But still, you are a kid. Unmarried, short, thin but already full of knowledge. Wisdom of your grandmothers. Are you a witch? Well, in my meaning all women are if they want to, but was sh a witch, probably nope. She was just…

… hungry.



All those trials are so unfair now. Always. And for a modern human being “full” of science unable to be understood, but still, again, when I say: I am a witch. People first laugh. Then tell me I am not ugly or old to call myself so, to insult myself. Then, after I repeated it million times they ask: but a god one? Or maybe you will curse me… and then comes this weird laugh of a person which is scared. Unknown of things which are around her or him, still pretending: I am an atheist! Oh bugger! if you are one, why you suddenly believe in me? Maybe now, I am your god? LOL

Then I started to read this book… and I sunk in Pendle area. Googling, researching. Trying to get into this with full me. Because Sharon Bolton, who I love for her books, gave me to think about myself with her words. And about witchcraft, pagans, different believes (except those of the book) today. About all this misunderstanding. About older women in Poland who still can do so much (wiedźmy, szeptuchy, zaklinaczki). About all his fashion to be a witch. A part of something. About man trying to create in this pagan freedom weird christian like “ordnung”.

And about me… who is free.

Who knows things, but also does not have a desire to be a part of some weird religion. I just wanna be like my grandmothers, free. Was one of them punished for witchcraft ages ago? Probably… would I be now? Well? If a Catholic priest curses someone, and then a lightning strikes this guy’s house, who should be blamed? God or the Priest? In fact people laughed, called it a witchcraft, in fact they said, not saying it, that their God is not real, unable to do it… yeah, something like this had happened in Poland. Weird country, but when I look at USA seems so normal.

Scary feeling…

Sooo… the guy whose house was damaged went to court and blame the priest and his god. Guess what? There will be no trial. So what? Is your God unreal? Or maybe both of them were… guys? What if a woman done it?

What if?

Would there be a trial…

I look at this world and even without TV, news and all that stuff I am scared of it. And I am sure of one thing… READ!!! People, read books!!! Watch documentaries not stupid, whatever is in TV. Learn history. Leave the fucking beach body, just go for a walk, into the woods, between the rocks, listen, feel it…and wear what you want. Stop being so closed minded. Be open. But always have this sieve close. Remove stupidity, keep old peoples knowledge. It never gets old in fact.


Witches or not… dig in books! Not into celebrities world. Or whatever are they called. What is now posh? Huge ass? Or small one?

PS. Have you noticed that when you say “I believe” people trust you quicker, that when you say “I know”? When you use “know”, they always ask: but from where? Or is it only me who finds such people?

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