Witchcraft. Witches. Cunning women, folk healers, oh there is a lot of us. Different. Surprising. Diversified, mixed, differential… playing with magic. Forces of nature. Those who are always together, dancing, having bonfires, and those who prefer to work alone. Often … Continue reading

Old stuff

Oh yes. The mighty old stuff. Antics. Some can be so expensive, some are only replicas, huge lies. Some are inspirations. Because somehow old stuff is still posh. Belongs to those the richest. But not the old I consider old… … Continue reading


Or… no orange? Somehow it is a weird color for me. Amazing, warm and tempting, but still screaming: danger, beware, stay tuned!!! Color which I still do not feel comfy with. But on pictures, oh it looks amazing. So rich. … Continue reading

Sea life

Green, fluffy stones… pieces of wood and shells. This amazing white sand, and pieces of amber, here so tiny… Driftwood, sunny rays, shades and of course wild roses, and this special grass. Which can be so painful. Bugs, fish, boats … Continue reading