The Sun is done with this part of the world. Really… But around this time of year it is dark only for few hours, so… this setting is only for a moment. Really… Really. And as you know, I am … Continue reading

The city…

Started to writing this post, and a documentary by Netflix turned on… about addictions. But in fact, wait, not addictions, more like stimulators. And suddenly I was like: WTF. How much in fact I run away, how far away I … Continue reading


Okay. I think we can be honest. There is no point in saying hat this is a very historical place in Copenhagen… dated around middle of XVII century, right? Who cares? Only me… Most of people will get it as … Continue reading

Night art

There is something in darkness. There is something in those lights swimming around you, especially if you are 23 hours on feet and on seasick pills, so not holding everything together smoothly… but there is something, right? Something what changes … Continue reading


Okay… I may be obsessed. A bit. A large one… but windows are such huge metaphor of everything. Of life, being, love, surfaces… They are stories about this what is in and out. scary and frightening, but also balancing everything … Continue reading