Another old mill

It used to be so simple. Two buildings, one for a small mill another for fishing… amazing stonework, thatch, woodland… Beach so close, the river quietly singing. Or after heavy rains bit louder… Simple. But the wheel is now silent. … Continue reading


How much they saw? How many monsters, how many mermaids? How many stories they know, how many people touched them? In fact look… at all those colorful surfaces. So worn out a bit, or ready for a next color. What … Continue reading

The New

I hate changes. Especially those big ones which destroy trees, rocks… nature in fact. I do get people with money can everything, but… Yeah. Here is me. Because when there is something working, cute and with a lot of toilets, … Continue reading


My Island is a tougher. She got hard boulders, blocks, rocks… she is in a huge part granite and gneiss… still, when you dive down, to he sandy part of her, you can find something thrilling. A Lego Land! Okay, … Continue reading