So what?

So what if it will not happen? So what?

… so what if all my dreams will not come true?

So what?

I mean really… stop pushing so much.

Stop doing everything, forgetting about this what is passing you by, what in fact can be your biggest dream, but you didn’t hear its calling? Maybe? Because the truth is every life is different, starts and ends with different results and of course is one and only. In fact very one and only. None knows what are you dealing with, sometimes even you… at least this is how it is with me.

Breath, play, smile… stop pushing. You do not have to be the queen or king of everything. Read biographies, learn from others but always be aware, you are OOAK.

We do not come to this world with some kind of must and have to dos. We can decide for ourselves. And we should. At least we could try?

How do you think?

Finally stop being crazy about the perfection? Or am I just lying myself? Is there a Fate God Very Crazy laughing ow loud? Very loud…

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