Or what if, what if all we do are just paths we try? What if nothing is a mistake, only a learning curve? What if… we could come back, and in fact still be choosing the same ways? Okay, I know what Einstein said about mistakes, but still.

What if?

Because the truth is one… we all live and die, and only the end tells us all, and in fact maybe leaves us in total disbelieve. I mean really. Maybe the most important thing is not what we forget but what we do not want to remember? Or maybe… too many questions, too many, so what to put them for?

Why we do not just live.

Without all this judging?

Without guilt?

Nope, I am not saying about loosing our conscience, but about empathy and joy, which we are loosing so quickly. Whipping ourselves for every mistake… for every step. Every eaten fly or ant we stepped on…

What am I saying about? About the world, which wants us all to feel guilty. All us poor of course, those without jets and huge houses, private islands and all that jazz. Golden sinks… oh my. I am done with guilt.

Okay, not done, but in training, so beware!!! Just gently warning you. In case of emergency, or another flier telling me that kids in Africa do not have water and I just had a simple shower. No way. I am done with it… maybe it is a mistake, maybe just the bumpy road, but I am taking it. LOL Tired of all this guilt. Tired of being this person who cares abut the world, when the rest fucks it. I will be one of you all soon. Because if not, so what? What is a purpose of being different? Or at least I will try…

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