On a beach

Well, I lived in the woods as a kid, between rocky valleys, wild flowers, trees…

Lived in fact with people and more like without them. For sure lived with my imagination all the time. Like since I was born, but never thought the sea can be such perfect soundtrack for my thoughts. Really. I loved water, but the sea was always too far away… still, I have always lived on some kid of islands. Those pieces of land which were so different, and so far away…

Island between the trees.

Island between wavy ground. Calm land between those which were so loud and messy. Island between rivers… is this why I was always looking for my own place, and when I found it, I just knew that everything here is perfect for me. Except those things called humans, adults and all that stuff. But this always sucks. LOL Still, I never thought that I will be so in love with the sea.

Sooo in love!

Now, sitting on a beach. On this salty, amazing, soft sand… even if it is still cold, although sunny, and I stepped into dog’s poop while walking in the woods… and it still smells. I mean really smells. I listen. Listen to the sea. To those small waves, clear water, stones moving, sand singing, even seaweeds whispering.


How could I so in love with this place? How is it possible that it happens? Love to a piece of land, to trees, waters, sands, rocks, beaches, and homes… even when living humans are as always worst than those which are dust now, or just bones. But for an archaeologist it is normal, right.

Very even. LOL

PS. Happy Birthday to me! I had cake yesterday, eaten with weird spoons on the beach, and it was awesome!!! LOL

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