Oh my… all I hear around are people moaning: it is cold we want spring, snow is still here, h not again minus 5C. And I am like… oh get a grip or I sneeze on you! And believe me I can now like a fucking canon. Grow up! It is called winter and sadly is ending… slowly. As grateful I am that we had it – really grateful, because I was not even hoping for full week of snow and cold. 

And now I am happy, I saw it, had it, played with it.

Now… you can have your spring.

Snowbells, crocuses, winter aconites are here… the grass is as always green – yeah weird stuff, but this is how it is here. Moss and mild weather makes us always have grass. Good thing for animals, right. Crazy if suddenly during warm winter you start to think: should I mow my lawn?

So yeah, I am happy because we had some snow and cold weather. Am I happy about the spring… oh my, as a weirdo… NOPE. I have no idea why, but nope. I hate the heat. I like winds, cold and grey weather even. Mostly I love strong sun and totally, frosty whiteness, but spring, somehow… I do not get it.

I never did.

People waiting for spring, so sure that change in weather can change something in their lives… oh my, it is again that hope from New Year’s Eve which I hate so much. If you need a change, if you want it, are ready for it… do it. Do not wait. Do not talk about it, do not spill it all over social media, just get up and do it! Be your own fucking spring! Just because it is you who decides about you life. If you are an adult, if you are growing up… start think by yourself. Stop reading those stupid memes about happiness. Even fucking Cinderella get up and jumped into that pumpkin carriage. Yuck! She knew what it was, imagine that. And rats… oh my!!! She could stay at home.

But she did not… took her chance and milked it. You are not poor Persephone who had no choice. see being a god or a goddess is not always good. Sucks often… often truly very much. LOL

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