I’m sick…


Although in a regular definition I am in fact never normally healthy, still now… I am one confused, wobbly, snotty, coughing, miserable piece of something sometimes called a human being.

Oh my.

Have not been so sick in… like in ages. I mean really. We have all those new viruses and in fact my body starts to be very welcoming for them. Like I had a huge sign yelling: come here all tho who feel lonely, needing a home. Come here and fulfill your dreams!!! Come, and be welcomed!!!

I mean really!

Okay, maybe I am a bit drama queen now, but who can stop me? Come on, I will sneeze on him! And done! Show me someone who is not scared of all those modern illnesses. Come one! Who wanna be in pain, snotty and so out of gravity… I mean really. It is like… I feel like left alone even by gravity.

The problem?

Well, a regular person would stay in bed and sleep, I can not. I need to work. I am unable, disabled even when it comes to giving time only for myself. Everything must be for more, for others, for something bigger than me. For some project, for science, for my delusional weirdness. I mean really. Try to be me for few hours, I doubt you could deal with a day like me, and would not recommend a night. LOL So here I am… working, and snotting on my laptop… thinking if the germs disappear from my canvas and paper work on which I sneezed. How do you think? LOL

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