Not in the right world, or dimension…

I mean really.

I do sometimes feel so… like not in the right, correct world, or at least the dimension I should be living in. I mean really. Watched “The Circle” yesterday and I still can not believe it. And nope, I am not talking even about the privacy which we all have right too… we post photos on Facebook but still, we are the one deciding what will we post. If something is not in the net…

You are safe.

Until a photographer, paparazzi or a stalker catches you… but it is another story. What moved to to my hills, the speech by main roles, weird dialog. Talking about disabled kid who can live only thanks to videos posted by people. And that EVERYONE should d it for him, because if not you are just a piece of shit.

Yeah… this is our modern world.

If something is wrong, we take out disabled from the pockets or those poor. Fuck you, I am mentally disabled and poor, and what? Do I wanna watch other people’s lives? All the time? Nope. I have mine. Do I wanna see the photos… I love them, I take them, but… sometimes it is so much better to listen to a human being, to read something written, see something painted. Photos… are inadequate. They do not show us feeling, only trying look good to the camera or… trying to catch the best angle. For likes? Or money… Yes, all my photos are still for sale, and you can find them on Facebook and all my blogs, but you know it. In fact much more me is in my paintings – yup, also for sale. Feelings for sale. Kind of like a prostitute. Awful thought, but maybe… true a bit.

Still, what I wanted to say – movie was awful, uneven and weird in so many places, that I do not wanna describe it, so predictable, such “Devil wears Prada” but with worst acting – is, that we have so many emotions, feelings and ways to show the off, that we too often forget to use them. Touching someone. Calling a poor guy nicely, even if you do not have money for him, only a bun… he was so thankful for just a short talk. For calling him a darling. Apologizing, that you can not do more.

Do we really live in such world of closed work communities. Is it our future. Just feeling each other? Watching only, always watching, enable to close our eyes… only watching and sending sad faces to evil governments?

I am in a wrong world.

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