How do you feel when darkness comes?

How is it for you?

Do you, like me, love candles and in fact can watch fire for hours? This amazing dance, shadows, those colors, vibrations…

Sooo… how is it, when this soft dark matter comes and covers everything around you? Oh yes, I forgot, sorry, most of you live in places where there is no darkness. No deep, black or dark blue, greenish even, soft covering called the night time. Most of you see some light all the time. From billboards, signs, all that stuff… In the city you do not have the darkness. Or maybe it only hides?

In corners?

Are you the one who is looking for it?

Are you?

Or maybe you are scared of darkness… darkness and silence, when you can hear only your own breath and heart beating, and all those thoughts… oh my, scary thing, isn’t it? Doesn’t it scare you? Is it why people light up so many lights, put on TV, radio, music, everything together? I do it… but not when darkness comes. Nope. This soft touch, this hiding, those cuddles… this is one and only. This is something what so many of us lost… and will never get back.

Darkness… light. Such simple, primal things… can we live without them, or only exist? How is it?

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