So what?

So what if it will not happen? So what? … so what if all my dreams will not come true? So what? I mean really… stop pushing so much. Stop doing everything, forgetting about this what is passing you by, … Continue reading

On a beach

Well, I lived in the woods as a kid, between rocky valleys, wild flowers, trees… Lived in fact with people and more like without them. For sure lived with my imagination all the time. Like since I was born, but … Continue reading

In the woods

Woods of my Island are still filled with ice and icicles, amazing sculptures of frozen water, which are slowly dripping… getting smaller and smaller… Here and there patches of snow, because here none touched them with salt. None destroyed them … Continue reading

I’m sick…

Totally… Although in a regular definition I am in fact never normally healthy, still now… I am one confused, wobbly, snotty, coughing, miserable piece of something sometimes called a human being. Oh my. Have not been so sick in… like … Continue reading


How do you feel when darkness comes? How is it for you? Do you, like me, love candles and in fact can watch fire for hours? This amazing dance, shadows, those colors, vibrations… Sooo… how is it, when this soft … Continue reading