Only me?

I really sometimes think I am the only one who loves snow so obsessively. And is so happy because police officially grounded us at homes. Yup… my Island got snow. It is not something normal because of mile climate and … Continue reading

Painted news

Whole Danmark is grief-stricken after death of Hans Kongelige Højhed Prins Henrik…. who was a husband of our amazing Queen… sooo… there is some darkness in the air. Even if it was someone who you never knew, still… I saw … Continue reading

3 suns

The legends says… two wolves are hunting the sun, if they catch it… the other one is a legend, a memory of a battle field in England. Battle of Mortimer’s Cross. I bet you do not remember that. LOL Who … Continue reading

The powers

Strength. Power… ability to be the biggest, most amazing. Or maybe just a bit stronger, more sure of your own powers, of your own skills. Maybe? Or… just nature? How do you think? Does The Nature is showing off? Or … Continue reading