Back in Middle Ages…

Another market.

More special, more different, weird even… smelling like logs, fire, wood. Old wood, fresh wood, mud and of course animals.

Middle Ages. Sorry, it was like this. Poor saint Kristopher was all white because of freezing weather. Next time wear pants! I am telling you baby, it is the best invention since the wheel!!!

And there was fun. This wild one. Luckily ladies decided MA goes right with some light, so not so dark this time. Not only candles and logs. LOL

And yes, I came back home all dirty and looking weird because the whole place is quit big and natural, but still… outside is fun even if rainy and muddy. And inside only medieval. Perfect replicas, huge fireplace. A but too crowded with people working here, all dressed up, but it is always here like this.

And I got mistletoe!!!

What was very important, because magic of Jul must have mistletoe. Really!!! For luck, love and prosperity.


And yes AGAIN, this is the main building and the paintings on the walls are here forever. Pieces made from wood, bones, fur, wool and stone… because this is still old times. Still. Nothing made in China. All handmade.

The whole place you can see here. You can visit it during different seasons and see it changing, play with animals… I mean play, not like with fluffies, just watch them, normal, closed in a wooden gardens.



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