Calendars… counting days. Everything based on nature, still seems to be so unnatural. We are forgetting about seasons closed in concrete cities. So still, why are they so important? Counting hours, days, years. Giving time so much meaning? And those … Continue reading


Sorry, but I hate hope. I mean really. Hate thins feeling… but from the other side, can not live without it, right? Got to see something in that fucking tunnel. Just have to. Because if not, I will stay here, … Continue reading


Leaves are almost gone. My Island became so much more windy, but still it gives us sun from time to time. Perfect time to take photos, because the light is just precious! Amazing and one and only. Stunning. Clear and … Continue reading


One jellyfish, two, three… dozen. A funeral. Quiet ceremony, where the sand is just softly wet, and all the seaweeds sing quietly. Just by the sea, by this line, where the waters are still present, but not wavy. Calm, but … Continue reading