I could put here definitions, news, quotes. I could… but I will not. We all have Google, and books. Yes, I mean that paper shits between to hard covers, or only a bit harder. Books. Yeah… no buttons. LOL I … Continue reading


On an Island it is different… more free, mote naughty, just… more. Wind can be crazy. Can just make an appointment – forecast – and start exactly about this hour and end about the one it was said, or… go … Continue reading


Sooo… recently it is all about this Scandinavian style of: life, resting and having fun, dressing, and whatever life is about… AGAIN. Surprise, surprise, surprise… I live in Scandinavia. And I still do not know what it is all about. … Continue reading


Do you know yours? Is it still important? To know if you look like your grand grandmother, or maybe to have thoughts and dreams like her. To have her smile, or grandpas eyes. It sounds really spooky when you think … Continue reading


There is so many kinds of silence. There is this one before… and after. There is this one which appears when everything is so loud…. Silence before a storm. Natural and wavy or this one, more human… Silence. Are you … Continue reading