Yeah… autumn.

Amazing, soft darkness is again on its marvelous place. Oh my, I so love this darkness. Normal time, light to work, darkness to sleep. But who in fact uses it like it in those electrical days?


We lost something. Something what could make us happier. Time to rest, time to do something more human like. Time to have sex. With no rush. With this candlelight, amazing warmness… with this special sparkle.

Cuddles in a shadow…

I hate modern lights. They hurt my eyes, they are so weirdly cold, so selfish. And nope, I see nothing ecological about them. I remember in the old days baubles were bought once a year, and now… once a week?

Few weeks?

So… hello Mabon!

Time for changing colors, time for nuts, acorns, and covered in spiky blanket chestnuts. Time for slowing down, but the truth is… this kind of work we have now, does not care about winds, sunny rays, rain or mud, winter or spring… morning or evening.

This time is one of those I love the most next to winter, but still, I do not know if I still can describe them both correctly. As a human should. Is is loosing nature inside of me? Or maybe possibility of seeing a bigger picture?


Happy Mabon!!! Smell some apples, make apple pies, play with pumpkins already!!! And bake bead, oh my bake some lovely bread…

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