Kiviksgraven… finally!

How is it? Third time’s a charm? I mean really, I think every language somehow finds number 3 lucky and a bit magical, so… it had to happen to me to. The first time, a year ago – closed. Then in May… closed again.

And now…

Little spoiler.



Something I wanted to see, touch, feel. Have my own ideas, theories.

Of course everything starts at a little, cute coffee shop with homemade cakes and amazing atmosphere, and gifts – more like leftovers, because it is after-season! Right? So… you pay 30 SEK and you can go. None will stop you. Passing by people eating, drinking, like in the old days being close to those who were dead. Making a tribute… truly not knowing it, not seeing it like that. Just having fun maybe only?

I will not complicate their brownies!!! LOL

Because I can hear it calling me.

You really can hear it, or again is it only me? And the doors are open. Can not believe it, shaking a bit… I bet for most of you this is weird. Old stuff and shaky?

Wait, what… oh well, protective wall just behind the doors. Scared me a little!!! LOL

And inside… it is like a concrete square tomb covering one of the most amazing pieces, petroglyphs, rocks, grave… Ideas. Because you can not just come here, take few photos and leave. Luckily for me, we were there alone. Just us and the past. Old, ancient, still leaving so many crumbles to build a story about a prince? Or maybe two princes? Or maybe Ka – Egyptian concept of a vital essence.

I can not run away from ancient Egypt here.

From their Texts of Pyramids… or of sarcophagus?

Two sides, protected by the walls and stone blanket. Two sets of stones, like… you were expecting twins here.

The same… or not?

Or maybe Ockham’s razor? The simplest answer is the one?

I am still thinking, still checking, still weighing it up, still comparing. Still thinking. Finding similar, in fact at the same age pieces from the south… still unsure. Letting myself for the most crazy ideas. Because nothing can stop my brain. Most of all I am a scientist, and this means I am never happy with a solution or theory.

Always digging deeper.

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