I promised myself lots of sunset this summer and… … weather/nature of course decided differently. LOL You can never fight with nature, so I took what she gave me… and had lot of amazing warm weather, without this awful heat. … Continue reading


We have few on this island. Maybe this is a reason some political guys decided to make of us kind of Medjugorie or Santiago de Compostella even… You know how I am not into religion, so imagine my confusion. Here … Continue reading


Standing on the beach. Stony beach. People who created those… my shaky hands trying to add something to this meeting of humanoids and towers, had to be careful and full of visions, passion. Adding something to this village, maybe even … Continue reading


Now media, and I mean all of them call: trust. Trust the strangers, trust us we always tell you the truth, trust the god or whatever you believe in… And I am a rebel. Always have been always will be, … Continue reading