Reflect unreflected

Sometimes all you have are others reflections… and you look at them, pretend, admire, hide in it, stick your body in it…

… you do not wanna look at yours own. And it is okay! Sometimes you do not wanna be yourself too. And this can be too. Sometimes you figure it out that all great artists had mental problems, and you have potential here too. Nothing to be a laughing matter, still, you can laugh! I am always reminding myself about it. I am crazy/mental, this means I can be one of the greatest!!! LOL


Because in fact. What matters?

Nobody can tell you what is the most important thing in life. The afterlife could have few ides I guess but they prefer to stay silent… usually. So why do I have to reflect in my art only my life? Why I can not reflect this what is going on in my brain? And it is totally messy. It has stories which can build their own stores and…

Yeah, weird stuff.

Sooo… if you prefer to copy someone, if you prefer and feel saver when you act like somebody else, it is okay. It is your choice. We all can make them. We all pay for them, still it needs a lot of strength to be yourself sometimes… I mean really. Reflect whatever you want. Play with mirrors. Because life is short, and in fact your own face my not suit your crazy brain. Or change it. Wear masks and hide… I hide behind my camera, or in bushes. Yup, I do it to especially when I am all in photos, all taking them, all surrounded by shots, and there is someone walking towards me…

I run away or start to sing.

Why people like to bother me while I am working!

Reflecting unreflected… this could be a weird title of my exhibition 🙂

PS. Of course I am talking about copying and not copying art and selling it then… come one. Remember all my photos are for sale and my art too 🙂


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