The edge

It is there, somewhere between water and rocks.

A line, border maybe, frontier, perimeter…

It is there…


And I love to play there!!!

Because it is only mine. Like I was the one and only noticing it.

The Edge.

A place, or maybe only a thought? Hope surrounded by dreams? Maybe. For me it is here. It is physical. It is something I can touch, I can change, I can watch, and probably… I could destroy? Or maybe not? Maybe in fact it is something given, which I can only think I can have? Which is unable to be possessed?


I love to take photos of this place. Splashes, water drops, movement and silence, because even when it is stormy, they both are there. Silence and movement. Splashes, big drops of water, perfectly round, and those which… in fact everything here, in this place is everything, every shape in one time… because maybe this is the truth, the ultimate one we were looking for? That everything happens in one time.


So you can chill… really.


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