Pictures or words?

Somehow… I think people prefer pictures.


People stopped reading years ago. So popular is TLDR! How can someone write something like this? How can someone show so much ignorance? So much… disrespect. You do not wanna read something, so do not do it, but why you are so stupid, to be so happy to show it off?



So pictures or words?

For me? Words first. They are important interesting, combined with emotions they are everything… the sound of some of them can really arouse me… ekhm, in all matters. Yup, also sexual! LOL Words tickle me, words are important. Using this or other can really matter. Yes or no, hesitate or be sure… but pictures, paintings and photos, they can really have million words, but who gets them?

I mean really?

Ancient Egyptians had both. Pictures and words. But in fact everyone could see them, but not many could write and read. In fact only the chosen one. Books as we know them started to be popular and in fact available for everyone after II World War… and now we are just throwing it away. Why? The most popular on social media is what? Instagram? Snapchat or YouTube? Pictures… do you even listen to those people? I mean, really? Do we listen to each other? Do we write love notes? Do you? Birthday cards, letters? Do you leave simple notes for those important for you? Or you use those already written, just sign them with your name, or just two letters?

Do you still know how to do it with paper, pen and pencil? Or just a piece of charcoal? Or chalk? Or piece a piece of brick… I remember as a kid we had no fancy colored chalks, we had nature. And it worked for both: words and pictures.

Imagine a love letter, which makes you blush and wet…

Yeah, I never said this is a blog for kids. Not all words are for them either. You got to grow up to some of them, but also to pictures. You can see them, but in fact do not get them… not truly. Still…

Words or pictures?

Is it possible to have them both?


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