Weird places?

Weird places, or maybe just special? More wild, more natural… more… exactly. There are fee places which are really one and only on Earth like Aokigahara, Bermuda Triangle… or this one, which I found recently Hoia Baciu. Oh my, this one is pretty special. And those trees. Trees always say truth.

Remember it!


When it comes to my Island… she is special in all ways, but is also a piece of the secret line… one of ley lines. Spooky, right? There is so many legends here, secret stones, standing stones… and people still believing.

But one thing strikes me everyday… are those weird places, or maybe we lost something? We are no longer able to feel them? We have lost ability, or maybe strength? Or maybe we forgot? But still something pushes us there… makes us want to visit those places. Makes us worship them – remember most of churches are standing on pagan cult sites. So we are still connected, but do we know why?

Do we?

I was lying today on one of those stones, probably previously standing… marked with a pagan cross, and I felted different. Suddenly calmer. Suddenly not giving a crap. Suddenly fucking everything.

Suddenly… so tell me, how is it? How is it now? Is there on;y science present in your life or only religion? Or maybe there is something more?

… can you find place for MORE?


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