To sleep or not to sleep?

Oh yes…

To sleep.


To sleep.

Sleep with no phone next to you. Sleep in a dark special room, or at least place which is made only for dreaming…

Do not let anyone tell you that you can sleep less, that it is okay, that you can be more productive, or some other shit. Yes, I am old enough to call it SHIT. Do your own research, read dissertations. Listen to your body, and sleep… Just sleep. And if you have problems with sleeping, go to a doctor, because lack of sleep is the most perfect, most amazing and useful torture. Ask ONZ. Really.


And this problem from the other side… sometimes I do not want to wake up. Because even nightmares are now much better than this what is going on with this world. Yesterday on a busy road a stupid woman was taking a photo standing in a middle of it… Really. Road. Busy. Cars. Driving quick. Human being suddenly in front of your car… I think I am done with mu hope for humanity.


I prefer my dreams.

PS. Remember all photos are for sale, those on Facebook IBornholm and Kobaltowa Wrona too ? Paypal (150DKK), mail and you can print is as you want ? Whatever size you want. So please… buy them, do not steal them. Bigger size is better LOL And I am a poor artist. Crazy poor… And of course I am not talking about photos of my face. You are not so crazy to want it, right? LOL

And if you can not, at least please click on those commercials, that it money for me. For more writing, creating, and mostly for my research about Bronze Age symbolism of a hjulkors. Cross in a circle… LOL I promised myself that I will not do it, but now I am struggling, really.


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