Well, I do not have any…

I never had.

Maybe as a kid but it was so traumatic, that I do not want to talk about it. I just can not afford vacation. And can you imagine archaeologist/artist having one? I mean really? Just lying on the beach and sunburning? Because I can not… or maybe only I am so always ready to discover something. Write down new theories, ideas, just do something, anything, I mean really…

Unable to be only peace and quiet in mind.


Or maybe this is my peace and quiet?

Being busy all the time?

Because how can you turn off your imagination? Everyone knows it works the best when you are ready to sleep, when you are slowly falling into this amazing darkness, all those stories… oh yes, this is the time, when imagination is up, and all you have to do is write something down, but… how to choose between writing stories and being a part of them, in your dreams?


PS. Remember all photos are for sale, those on Facebook IBornholm and Kobaltowa Wrona too ? Paypal (150DKK), mail and you can print is as you want ? Whatever size you want. So please… buy them, do not steal them. Bigger size is better LOL And I am a poor artist. Crazy poor… And of course I am not talking about photos of my face. You are not so crazy to want it, right? LOL


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