I started to read very early. This is why I stopped being a genius kid, you know. I was so not interested in school and all that stuff, all I wanted were books. And those stories. And all those weird things which… started to be visible in so called regular world too. Because imagination was growing. Like a huge oak.

Fat one… with many branches.


What did I start from?

Well, I was reading everything. I mean really. I was a kid who raised itself, so had no boundaries and a small library next doors. Oh this was so evil to let a child read… especially a girl. I mean really. Girls who read think too much, are smart, intelligent and zingy!!! Even when they love only fairytales. But those real ones. Andersen and Grimm brothers without that weird cut offs. They were bloody and harsh. They were true… and still I did not grew up to be a psychopath. Or maybe… wait, I will check. Nope, I got only one closet and no skeletons there, just candles, few clothes and weird stuff.

Sooo… why nowadays kids can not ready fairytales. Like even Moomins Stories? Because what? The Author – who I love totally – was who she was? Free and different? Tove… if I lived in your years, I think we could be friends. Those weird. Every one would have her fav ever rock and sitting there, writing and painting or drawing… and maybe not talking at all. Maybe preferring silence and island… You created the character which is my own freedom. My real one… Little My!!!

And now she always reminds me to be pissed.

To be nervous.

Just to show emotions. Even if as a woman, you will always hear: are you mestruating? Why are you so pissed, is it PMS? Nope… I am just done with stupid people. With dumb humans…


Sooo let your kids read… and let their imagination grow. But not only those pinkish books. Those always good princessy… Let them for something dark ad twisted too. Because this is what the world is. Especially now, when parents do not care about raising kids, and kids hit their TEACHERS! Bully them!!! And teachers can do nothing…

I blame you parents. I blame you mothers…

PS. Cool link, read it…  It is just amazing!!!


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