The harbor

I love to sit in the harbor. I call it mine, but… it is not mine. I have there just a spot, to take photos, or just to sit down. In the harbor which is small, calm and not deep. Perfect for a short swim, perfect for few seagulls which do not care for me, few sparrows and brown ducks. So brown, that even gold…


And few old boats.



Funky colorful.

They are my paint, wind is my brush, and seaweeds bits and pieces of wood, are so called mixed media. Yeah, recently I prefer to take photos than to paint. Paint, good brushes, soft and funny, canvases and all that stuff costs lots of cash. And place… yeah I need a lot of place to paint, get dirty, and can not do it outside, because paint dries too quickly. Sooo… I take photos. A lot of them. Like my camera was glued to my fingers. And yesterday my camera died, what will kill me. Because I can not just repair it, not here.

And buying new one?

For what?



I can spend hours just taking photos. Just waiting for a perfect light, perfect wave. Looking for seaweeds jumping up and down on the blue sea… between funny reflections. I can spend hours in one spot. Waiting for a special wave, for a sparkle for perfectly round drops… for something what will make me CLICK!

Feeling almost… happy.

How the heck can I be so patient? But only when it comes to light and colors… sooo, you can often see me in my harbor. Very often. Even now when my Island is full of tourists. And is a bit loud and messy… Even now.

PS. Sending huge THANK YOU to Vitlycke Museum. And Karin!!! I have my pendant back! It is not the same… but still mine!!!


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