I love writing. I adore to write. I just love it. I love the process, I am fond of accessories. Even the pencil sharpeners can make me smile. Or pencils, I love those woody, those old-fashioned. Those still sooo… yummy … Continue reading

The edge

It is there, somewhere between water and rocks. A line, border maybe, frontier, perimeter… It is there… And I love to play there!!! Because it is only mine. Like I was the one and only noticing it. The Edge. A … Continue reading

Pictures or words?

Somehow… I think people prefer pictures. Photos!!! People stopped reading years ago. So popular is TLDR! How can someone write something like this? How can someone show so much ignorance? So much… disrespect. You do not wanna read something, so … Continue reading

Weird places?

Weird places, or maybe just special? More wild, more natural… more… exactly. There are fee places which are really one and only on Earth like Aokigahara, Bermuda Triangle… or this one, which I found recently Hoia Baciu. Oh my, this … Continue reading


Well, I do not have any… I never had. Maybe as a kid but it was so traumatic, that I do not want to talk about it. I just can not afford vacation. And can you imagine archaeologist/artist having one? … Continue reading