I remember Sweden… … free country with people running around naked. I mean in waves, whole families so free, so different than middleeuropean me. With strict rules and all that stuff. I remember Sweden, where people wanted to run away … Continue reading


I know… I promised you my whole journey and it will happen, prepare map of western Sweden: Hamburgsund – Bohuslän, Tanum and surroundings. It will happen, but first… I will tell you about something what I discovered. It was not … Continue reading


Oh yes, I had a weird dream again… about a train, with weird or more like interesting and special people in it. Which suddenly changed into two houses, and one of them was built from a nice, old red brick. … Continue reading

1st of May

Oh… I remember flags and all those marches. Maybe I was a kid, but I do remember hat madness. And then changes. Now… still it is Labour Day. International Workers’ Day… big words, big signs, still in fact, nothing changed. … Continue reading