So here is second one very special place with rock carvings. Very special, very hot, because in fact it is totally open space, almost naked rock with paths and without them, because most of people visiting Vitlycke Museum is over them…


… they should regret it. It is amazing. Much bigger, much different. Much more fancy, rich and stunning. There are still pieces before paint, and those still not cleaned up. Because in fact under this grass, there is more.


More of amazing.


More of archaeology and history. Or just carvings and graves… or just life.


And death.

PS. The cool thing is… there are everywhere those wooden steps or boxes which you can climb on and look at this everything from above.


When I first was able to touch those rocks, so smooth, so much different than those on my Island – touching the rocks not carvings – it amazed me with its softness and this feeling of warmth coming out from it.


This power, which was only getting stronger because of this red paint helping people seeing the past. The symbols. So complex. So ready to tell all stories about the hunters, and those who loved this land. About those who lived here, died, had families, worked, maybe even ere a bit grumpy? Or they loved jokes and dances?


Of course it is all about sun too.


And this heat coming from above is really suiting it. I just can not stop watching it. Trying to find out what is this or that, and show to combine one with another? I want my own theories, I will not be happy with other dissertations.



The first huge part is just hurting my brain. All those ideas are bubbling there, cooking and spinning my insides…


And this water. I know t is damaging them, but it looks so appropriate.


Of course you get all about them and guidelines, but I encourage you to just think by yourself. To have ideas and visions.


They are here also to tell you about the people…


and everything else.


But I am here for carvings. And those untouched are melting me totally. Just look. Do you know how hard it was to create it just with a stone and all this poking and your wife telling you that you have no time for your family, and that she wants another cow and… Oh come on. It could be so. Or maybe only ladies were here to make those more detailed. More… swirly?


Because we see the world differently. Men and women.


Dancing around the sunny disc. Believing that it brings life, but also being aware it can give you death.


And the one I came for…

Yes, I keep saying it, but in fact, you got to see more of them, get the whole context. You can not just take one piece and create a theory. This is what archaeology is all about. Even if we are talking about stone carvings. About details combined together. About humans of the past in fact glued from pieces of ceramic, stratigraphy, beads, flint, or treasures. Or mostly just darker places in your trench.


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