Vitlycke art

Do you still see it? Art in those carvings? Are you able to recognize the meanings behind those boats, ships, animals, circles and human like creatures?

Are you?


Do we still see beauty and hard work in it? Or because it has no label it is not art. Because it is in fact priceless and for everybody, it is not important fun? I see people looking at those carvings and in fact just marking something they have been too, something to tag on Facebook or Instagram. Nothing deeper… even this amazing nature, those rocks and spring in those leaves. So green that it hurts…


Here we are. In front of Vitlycke Museum they are. The most famous one…


Huge, telling stories.


And look at this nature around. Fresh, springy. Those birches with their leaves so neon green, the sky so blue…


Here it is.

Starts tiny, and then is huge. Is mysterious but also so obvious if you think about the waters around you. Waters so close hundreds years ago.


Boats. Humans…



And even more.

You wanna quarrel that it can be Neolithic art not Bronze Age but in fact something else matters… to preserve it.


It matters. To never forget.


After this flat rock we go up… between young trees, between trees… so friendly trees, such an empty, full of birds, environment.


And this green.

Oh my, it makes me jump, it makes me sweat too because even if we are now here in the north, so called, it is hot. I mean summer hot! I am sweating!!!


But it is closer. The graves. Two of them. On the top, watching, or just put here to be visible?


Imagine it… many people bringing rocks, preparing it, creating, feeling it… and now I can see from here huge white discs?


SETI? Is it still on?


These graves are just amazing. We have them shaped like this, but so much smaller here on my Island. So much tinier. But still respectful.


Both of them.


And this view! Imagine it ages ago… no homes, just few cottages. People feeling free in nature. People just being themselves.


What would they say seeing us now? combined, tided between internet, news, corporations… not free at all. With weird religions.

Weird thoughts and dreams.


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