Ingrid Bergman, Camilla Läckberg.

Oh yes, they are here. Ingrid Bergman used to live here when coming to Sweden and Camilla, well, she was born here, and keeps killing people living here. LOL I mean really… in her crimis!!! I read few of them, and now standing on those paths and roads, keeps getting weirder and weirder. This city is so empty! Maybe she killed all of them already? Maybe I was not informed?


Still… we got red huts and awesome – I got no idea how they are called – but looking cool. You know, those wooden poles. And of course the sea.


The mighty sea.


Amazing sea and scary sea. It is sunny and hot, I would love to take a swim, but those white ladies… are too spooky. And painful, I bet!


And then suddenly a starfish comes from the sky. Luckily – thank you Mrs. seagull, not on my head, or my arm, or me at all. But such a huge starfish? And we are on the north! I get it: currents and warmer seas, but still…


So crazy.


And so cool.


So calm, and smells differently than mine sea, but looks so… much more deeper and more scary. I do not know why, but those green blobs which I can sea from this harbor, small islands full of huts and boats… scares me.




The whole city is just adorable. Full of tiny, cute details.


Even post boxes are cute.


And look at this home!!!


I bet there is many artists but they are not so visible like on my Island. Or maybe they just disappeared? Or maybe will reappear with summer?


Or maybe crayfishes ate them all.


You know, as a revenge for this! Maybe…


Still, I go up. Because of course Fjällbacka surrounds a huge rock. Or rocky mountain. Will I go up? Will I gather all my strength and hide my fears and go up… oh my, why I had to choose the harder way? Why I always do it?


Oh yes, because of this.


Views. Oh my, I am on a top of the world! And it is hot and I forgot to take my backpack with me because it was suppose to be on;y a short trip. I should learn already, that it never is. I need water!!! Help!!! And my battery in a camera is dying…



Will this church, forgotten and in fact not saint at all to my not smoking skin, help me? Nope, but the shop will. Oh well… If you want a nice trip, find this on a map, google this place, come and have fun!!!


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