Strange place.


In fact you drive here sooo long, that it – city – appears so suddenly. And smells like rivers. And mysteries. And stories. And new beginnings. All I can see are new buildings and few old cottages. Red little huts by the water, some boats…


And a white church, to which you can not just go, nope, you need a ferry! An amazing, big, 2 minute ferry! Yellow and orange, and where everything is surrounded by the setting sun, by the rays and this deep light, somehow you feel weirdly not in place. Lonely. There is no people. Few cars waiting for a ferry.


And we two… just being curious.


2 minutes and we can touch the church and think how it was years ago… because now Hamburgsund is just a building place ready to be filled with new homes and cottages. All made from wood. Almost all of them only for those coming here for summer. A bit lonely, a bit sad. I turn around and all I see is rocks, some water and boats.


Where the heck am I?


The sun is setting and the darkness here is like at my Island.


Deep and quiet.

And only sea monsters are singing… and when the bright and really hot day comes, everything looks so differently. So still not alive, but more like a place ready to be filled with wives from Stepford.


I mean really.


Still empty, few more cars. Still quiet. I like quiet, but this quiet is like after the Mighty Kraken eaten all the humans, just because he so wanted to try the white meat. It is beautiful, but not wild anymore. It is a huge construction site. New buildings so wanna grow up, and fill this what was a nice emptiness, wet and wild.


It sucks.


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