Well, I was expecting a tiny village, what I found was a quit big harbor full of people. Sunny weather, more like hot and steamy and huge amount of humans. I mean everywhere. Happy joking, loud… maybe even too loud, … Continue reading


My first time. And it is a scary one? Or maybe just weird? See, I remember this time when there were borders, but slightly. I used to just driving thru Europe, so… information, that Norway does not belong to EU, … Continue reading


So here is second one very special place with rock carvings. Very special, very hot, because in fact it is totally open space, almost naked rock with paths and without them, because most of people visiting Vitlycke Museum is over … Continue reading

Vitlycke art

Do you still see it? Art in those carvings? Are you able to recognize the meanings behind those boats, ships, animals, circles and human like creatures? Are you? Do we still see beauty and hard work in it? Or because … Continue reading


Ingrid Bergman, Camilla Läckberg. Oh yes, they are here. Ingrid Bergman used to live here when coming to Sweden and Camilla, well, she was born here, and keeps killing people living here. LOL I mean really… in her crimis!!! I … Continue reading


Strange place. In fact you drive here sooo long, that it – city – appears so suddenly. And smells like rivers. And mysteries. And stories. And new beginnings. All I can see are new buildings and few old cottages. Red … Continue reading