Yup, I am not into new technologies. But you know it. Okay, most of you do not believe me, because how can it be possible? Not watching TV, not caring about newest TV series or reality shows? Not having a … Continue reading


Oh yes… Photos. I can spend hours and not even notice it… if the light is on my side, just leave me alone. I will be happy, quiet, and busy bee! LOL It is like discovering another world, hidden inside … Continue reading


Yeah, I have problem with you. Really. With all you talking, watching, judging. Thinking one way, doing the other. From one side there is this embracing femininity, oh we all are cute, beautiful and amazing, but from the other… suddenly … Continue reading


… well, it is the month. Month of my birthday – on 25th. Month of spring, month of last snow. If it happens. I have photos from my childhood showing myself lying in a basket, covered, and snow all around … Continue reading