Do I believe?

I have no idea?

But suddenly my Island got UFO crazy. See, we have that thingy called trolling, when mostly guys swim around and fish… and one of them, who still says: I do not believe in aliens, saw this.   

Yup, looking weird.

Yes, I got no idea why he had no phone to take a photo? Especially in those modern days, when everyone except me is always prepared and stuck to a phone or Ipad, UFO thingies still have those weird photos, right? Always shaky, out of focus. Yes, I know this that the energy of UFO could mess with our machines, but still…

I do not know. Looking up, I get it that there is a lot of free space, so it could not be wasted, I mean, there could be, maybe even should… be intelligent livings. But still, do they see us as intelligent too? I mean really…

I start to doubt it.

IMG_9586 (2)

Then… after this spotted UFO thingy over the waves – close to my part of Island, suddenly something like this appeared over the rooftops and… Now, I only think, we are waiting for more, right?

Maybe a nice, grey guy with a huge head and big black eyes? Or maybe more tourists? Those who are UFO crazy?

But still, do I believe in Aliens. I mean those real. Those special, those totally different? I have no idea. Logic says, there could/should be some of them, but why they could find us interesting? I mean really?


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