In fact purple and violet.

Violet and purple.

Or maybe purple or violet? Because in fact… what are the differences?


Yes, here is a link to Wiki… it says a lot, but not much of this what I already know. And spectral color… still, is it violet or purple? Or maybe… Oh my too much thinking, but do you know how many kinds of purple is?! Look under this link. For ages people created so many kinds of purple that head hurts!

There is so much meaning in those two colors. Especially in those mixes of blue and red. Look at it… blood and sky gives you purple. Add more white and it gets erotic. Add too much of one or another and then… there is something new, this is why I hate using paint just from a tube. It is no fun at all! No!!! I always have to mix it. And when it comes to purple, kinds of violet or green and orange… I always mix. Not always when it comes to pink. No idea why? Maybe because I use it not often.

PS. Please do not think too much where some of colors originally come from… squeezed from a slime’s ass… yuck! LOL


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