An Island

I figured out recently, that I do not, I can not, I am unable to imagine… how to live somewhere else. In a place where there is more people, huge apartments, homes, a lot of cars and people. In fact those are my nightmares. How to not live on an Island. And you know what, I bet there are people who could find it weird. People who find islands closed spaces, scary, good for vacations, but nothing else.


And this is okay to me. More space is cool. More space for me, less humans, brilliant! More nature, all those crocuses now blooming, and snow-bells and those blue which I do not know what re they called. All those cute buds on branches. When you put your ear close to them, you can hear them singing about flowers, leaves and then… of course fruits. I can hear their stories about past years, about those plums and cherries. About those apples and pears. They can be really sexy, trust me, and naughty too!

And this blue sea… white beach and guys in gummy boots fishing. Or just standing in the water, because they find it cool.

Because being only with nature and your passions, I mean being in fact wit yourself is fun! Try it. Try to paint something and ask no one for suggestions or improvements. Really. Paint whatever you want, love it, and be proud. Nobody else got to be proud of you. It is not a must. Really. Do things for yourself. Do them because they make you happy. Because they make you breath freely and do not ask if it is good on social media. Enough with nasty judgments! Art is art… if you hate it it is okay, if you love it, it is okay too… because art means feelings and passions and moving brains, so… Stop it. Do not ask others how to finish you painting. Because your painting is you. And only you.

Yup, it is easier when you live on an Island. It is easier if you do not have people ready o judge around, sealing your happiness only because you walked, did not run, and now running is trendy and fancy… like weird stuff from warm countries. What is wrong with our food? Don’t you people see it, that buying fancy seeds, in fancy you kill forest, because all those people will plant more of those, because rich white humans trust, that they will get younger from it… Oh my… Yeah, sorry. We all will get old. Yup. Nothing can stop it! So what for making life harder?

Paint your painting and live with it… paint it to be comfy for you, and maybe only you. Be unique to the end.

PS. Yeah. Happy Birthday to me. Too much thinking again. Sorry LOL not sorry, but LOL.

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