Oh yes. It is here… YAY – sarcastically. Sorry, I miss my winter, but, this is how it goes, right? Flowers, grass, leaves, fruits, rotten, sleeping, and again. Circle of life, which recently humans do not get really.

I mean really.



Hello spring.

Have fun.

To make a little celebration, I walked for over 4 hours for you, thru woods, gorges, on my right side I had the sea, deep under, and on the other things to secure my steps. Not always. This winter with huge waves, enormous amount of sea water, winds and all that stuff damaged lots of paths. I walked one yesterday and it was a black trail, I mean really. In few places there were only waterfalls and few slippery stones. Or a branch. I mean really… So be careful everybody! My Island is constantly changing. And this is so scary and so emotionally beautiful. So…


But still, when you got to live a very regular life with all those little routines… it is the scariest thing here… changes. Sooo, please spring, be gentle with me. I have only this Island, and I love her!


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