Can you live…

Oh those question!!!

Another thing which I hate similar to all those stupid, totally obvious, sentences put on floral, lovely calming photos, people share on social media is… can you live without internet, phone, Ipad etc. for 6 million dollars in the woods, for a month.




Just shut up and give me this money!!! What the stupid, irrational question. Of course I can live there. Internet? This is just job, and sometimes easier way to reach friends which I will never see in person. Internet or social media are only to find someone in fact like me, hating internet, phones, loving woods, paper, pencils, archaeology and books.

Life is simple.

You need clean fresh air, clean water and food, and sorry… for me books and toilet. Yeah, I have been there, in the world where you had to poo with cows, and into a metal bucket… freezing your ass off, so toilet and a shower. TV? What for? I have imagination. I can write myself stories, I can read them, or just imagine something so weird, that it can scare you more than your last electric bill. In fact. If you look around. You will start to think, that you can do it… and then fear comes… because of loneliness?

Oh that mighty, legendary loneliness?

Well, being alone should not be something so hard for you people. If it is, try to train it as muscles! Being scared of being alone, just with yourself means you hate yourself, and it sucks. Because for most of time we are… just alone. Even not lonely, we can be alone. And internet is not helping in fact.


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