How are you?

How are you?

Oh yes…

I HATE THIS QUESTION! In fact I never know what the person asking me it, wanna hear. Truth? I doubt it. I really doubt it, I do not wanna say it myself, I do not wanna change my feelings into sounds, I just do not… So what? A lie? A simple lie, which can make the asking fellow feel better. Oh yes… this will be perfect, right? Because i was trained to make everyone happy…


Oh fuck it!

Maybe I should finally choose simple truth? But what for? What for put this everything dark and gloomy on someone just asking THAT STUPID question. Yes, it is stupid. Why? Well, this person is standing next to me, it got to see I look miserable and should feel… but in fact empathy died long time ago, so…

Yeah, a lie.

The mighty lie.

Fine, thanks.

Feeling better. Now your job is done. You asked, were polite, and have your lie… And you could just say: Hey, I see you look like a shit, is there someone I could kick to make you feel better? Who hurt you? Just tell me, I will make his life miserable… So simple. So different. So saying a lot about the one asking. Because it will make me smile, it will maybe even make me cry with this enormous, joyful gratitude… Of course I will say you do not have to smash his face, he will rotten in the kind of hell I am just creating in my mind. But THANK YOU for asking!

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