That stone…

In fact it can be every stone.

One with a weird shape, or a hole… yeah, hag stones are awesome! Or maybe piece of wood? Or a leaf. See, it always comes to me – when you paint you think too much – do you still let yourself think of it as a much more than just an object. A nature’s creation? Magic even? How often do you stop and just imagine something…


Fairy tale like?

How often?

How often you just let your imagination dance, flow, build crazy castles from not existing sand? How often you just are free and totally rich in thoughts?

Because this stone is a jewel from Mermaid’s Queen. See, she lost it in a recent storm, only because she was watching too much TV. Yes, they do not have it down under the waves, but she is often jumping on a biggest rock, close to that white cottage and watches TV thru its windows. She is a stalker, yes. She loves also to watch this family whatever they do… but something for something. It was windy, it was stormy and this stone, amazing, orange mixed with all shades of crystal yellow, fell of her most precious necklace. Is she looking for it now? Maybe… but now, it is in my possession! Does it make me a queen? Maybe now I can call The Mighty Kraken?

Will try it later…


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