Damn spring!

Oh yes… this is me. Winter lover!!!

Yup, not even sorry for my feelings. Already missing snow, frost, cold, all those lovely, crystal shapes, those frozen ponds, frozen sea, oh my it can look so fairy tale like… missing everything. Jul too.


But it came…

Almost spring. YUCK! Happiness and flowers, warmer sun, and all that stuff. Oh and this light all around. Soon bright nights will come and what… I FEEL MISERABLE! Because of spring. Yup. One and only me. Those crocuses and snowdrops are killing me. Literally!!! Trust me, they bite!

Oh where the heck is my winter? Few years ago I remember snow in March. That was so lovely, perfect birthday gift for me!!! But I bet not this year, right? I can see it… everything green happy sprouting… oh that joy and happiness is killing my gloomy soul! I can not stand it. Really. Okay, light is cool, and photos come out amazing, but still… I got to paint out something very wintery.


PS. I get it, I grumble. But did you notice that it is okay to grumble on winter, but not on spring or summer? Where the heck is my freedom to grumble when I fee the mood? What? Because it is unpopular… oh go to perkele all of you! LOL


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