Do I believe? I have no idea? But suddenly my Island got UFO crazy. See, we have that thingy called trolling, when mostly guys swim around and fish… and one of them, who still says: I do not believe in … Continue reading


In fact purple and violet. Violet and purple. Or maybe purple or violet? Because in fact… what are the differences? Yes, here is a link to Wiki… it says a lot, but not much of this what I already know. … Continue reading


Oh yes. It is here… YAY – sarcastically. Sorry, I miss my winter, but, this is how it goes, right? Flowers, grass, leaves, fruits, rotten, sleeping, and again. Circle of life, which recently humans do not get really. I mean … Continue reading

Can you live…

Oh those question!!! Another thing which I hate similar to all those stupid, totally obvious, sentences put on floral, lovely calming photos, people share on social media is… can you live without internet, phone, Ipad etc. for 6 million dollars … Continue reading

Damn spring!

Oh yes… this is me. Winter lover!!! Yup, not even sorry for my feelings. Already missing snow, frost, cold, all those lovely, crystal shapes, those frozen ponds, frozen sea, oh my it can look so fairy tale like… missing everything. … Continue reading