I hate New Year’s Eve!!!


In fact I hate 3 days in a year and this is one of them.

Maybe it is because of something from my past haunting me, do not know, maybe because I am not a party animal, or hate loud noises… okay in fact they scare shit off me… I just do not feel it. There is no magic in this day, it is so weirdly fake, that it just pisses me off!!! You must have fun, you must drink, you must make promises, that you will change yourself, and of course all those annoying resolutions…



… let me forget about this day, please! In fact this day changes nothing, only a date. Like every day in a year. Because I make resolutions… okay, I do not make them, if I need a change, a make it, threw out things, change life, place, way of thinking… I do those important things in my life when the time is perfect, when i feel, it is it. When I feel that something opens up and squeezes me with a need of changes. LOL

So sorry.

No party for me!!! But of course Happy 2017 for You all!!! Let yourself to be more free people. Just free in thoughts and doings. Watch less TV, or throw it away, read more, go out more, find stories between the leaves and just never let anyone tell ya, that this what you feel is stupid or unreal!


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