The woods now…

Now, the woods are just shapes and whispers. Forgotten stories jump out, touch you, cuddle, and in fact wrap around yourself. Pieces of then, earlier, those marked as taboo, forbidden, now are open. You can reach them if you are not scared.

If you dare…


You choose if you want to come into them. You choose if you want to get know all those spirits, heroes, princesses, more than special, and dogs. Because there are always dogs and crows. Always. And not only because my totem animal is a grey crow and… a polar bear.

Do you wanna step between those shapes, dancing branches and bark squawking? Do you wanna hear those legends about two trolls being so in love, that they stopped breathing and changed into stones? Or zombie unicorns?

You never hear about them?


The woods now got plans for you.

Because they are ready to step into you, not vice versa.


PS. How do you like my Yule gifts? I have a tiny tradition… short one, to have something wintery and silver especially for this day… And what is a must, it got to be bought from an artist directly. This year from Gargorock!!! Of course it is a gift from my amazing one and only Husband!!!


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