Joy joy joy

… well, not feeling it. But yesterday evening was lovely.

I mean really.

Still, we have no snow. Windy and wet Island is still a lovely Island, but I need snow! It lets me survive that nasty summer. Oh yes, nasty summer. I hate heat and naked sweaty humans. Really. Maybe sunsets are awesome, but still…


Winter is me.

So… where is my snow?!!!

I need snow!

I can not feel that mythical joy of ChDay if no snow around. Somehow Yule works even without it, but… Oh well, joys of living in a very special environment, right? Windy, and stormy, but in fact not so cold. Yup, my Island usually is just warm. We rarely get degrees below zero and snow is a precious moment. Oh well…

Maybe I should try Finland, or at least North Pole?


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