I know, most of you do not care about the past… some of you are even over all those celebrations of different wars and battles, but… we got to remember. To not make those mistakes again. Although…

History taught us, that we always make the same mistakes!



See, we humans do not change. Different toys do not make us better.

We got to remember, learn, and try to figure out how they before us… made it. I mean survived. How they created, how they lived.


And how they died.

Because death is a part of us. Depressing, and it sucks in fact, but it is impossible not to die. If you wanna new, there got to be something what will stop… living. Just because this is a fucking circle if we like it or not!


And in Ängakåsen you just fill it.

And not only if like me you spend more time with those who are dead than those which are still living. Sorry, but both ways are annoying. Only those living are a bit louder from time to time. Trust me! Not always. Because…

We do not change…


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