The marks… Järrestad

When you narrow somehow your interests. When you get finally what you wanna work on… you search, and find all those amazing pieces. Maybe in windy places, cold and crazy, maybe you need to throw up on a ferry, but still…

You do it, because it is the kind of science you choose.



The old stuff.


Many answers, theories… Peter Skoglund in his paper wrote it all. But, I need more. More questions, more answers, more… “Drawing on recent developments in ship chronology, it argues that images were produced from the very beginning of the Scandinavian Bronze Age, c. 1700 BC, to the earliest Iron Age, c. 200 BC. The images are not randomly spread, however, but cluster in two phases: c. 1700-1100 BC and c. 900-200 BC, each with its different characteristics. It is argued that the later phase should be viewed against the background of central and western European Hallstatt cultures which affected not only the iconography of the Jarrestad panel but also the organization of the surrounding cultural landscape.”


Do I really need the truth? Is the truth really possible if we are not Doctor Who? Is it? I love quarrels when it comes to stone carvings and symbols. A normal, regular, giving space for every opinion. Even the weirdest one…


I had a perfect weather for those marks!


Totally perfect!

And now I have even more questions, even more theories… and I wanna see more, excavate more, just…

Are answers really so important if you know, that people, humans, in fact do not change… we just have new toys.


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